Annual Maintenance Tips

The Dufour Yachts shipyard would like to take advantage of this period marking the end of the season and the start of the European winter break to send you a summary of the key points to check during the annual maintenance of your boats.

In addition to the annual engine overhaul, we remind you that these checkpoints are important.

This list is not exhaustive and should be added to according to the particular model.

Annual boat maintenance

  • Inspecting and maintaining Bow thrusters (See videos below)

In addition to the videos, please refer to the recommendations in the bow thruster user manual.

  • Rudder tube inspection
  • Check the water-tightness of the through-hull skin fittings and the correct functioning of the seacocks (greasing)
  • Check all hose clamps (“double-clamped” beneath the waterline, and tightened to the specific torque)
  • Check the engine exhaust system fittings are correctly tightened
  • Check the water-tightness of the windows  
  • Undertake a full inspection of all the standing rigging 
  • Undertake a full inspection of the gas system 
  • Engine overhaul according to Volvo recommendations

Please make sure to check and verify all the above points, and happy sailing!

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