Tying a cleat

Bob Vinks has a simple and effective trick for you to tie a cleat. The Yacht Sales Co team are dedicated and experienced professionals who love sailing as much as you do. Happy sailing!

Dufour 470: Tour of the galley

Take a tour of the Dufour 470 galley with Bob Vinks. He will guide you through what comes as standard and the optional extras you can add to make life aboard your Dufour perfectly suited to you. Happy sailing! More Information Dufour 470 sailing yacht Dufour Yachts

Rope Safety

Our very own Bob Vinks has a great tip on how to store your ropes on board, keeping them neat and safe while they aren’t being used. The Yacht Sales Co team are dedicated and experienced professionals who love sailing as much as you do. Happy sailing!

Annual Maintenance Tips

The Dufour Yachts shipyard would like to take advantage of this period marking the end of the season and the start of the European winter break to send you a summary of the key points to check during the annual maintenance of your boats. In addition to the annual engine… read more

Webinar: Windvane Self-Steering – Your Best Crew Member

For those who are looking to embark on longer passages, windvane self-steering is a good consideration. Join Hydrovane’s Sarah & Will Curry as they talk you through the various benefits, and share their personal cruising story which now includes two young twin boys. How about a crew member who spends endless hours… read more

Staying Shipshape: Maintaining your Yacht

No matter what type of boat you have, routine maintenance is the key to keeping it in top condition, maximising your safety and preserving its resale value down the line. The Yacht Sales Co chief operating officer Nod Crook shares some important tips. Regular maintenance is imperative to ensure you… read more

Passage Planning SW Pacific to New Zealand

Article and images by John Martin, Sail South Pacific Cruising Guides. There are a lot of myths surrounding the passage to New Zealand from the Pacific Islands. Most are the result of inexperience and lack of knowledge. I’ve done the trip personally now 44 times (up and back) and only had… read more

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