Maritimo Yachts – SE Asia

Maritimo Yachts - SE Asia

Crafted by hand in Australia, Maritimo is inspired by a lifelong passion for performance, build integrity and innovative design that stands the test of time.

With a heritage steeped in offshore racing, engineering excellence and reliability are paramount. A fine balance of advanced hull design, generous fuel capacities and precision weight distribution results in a smooth, responsive and effortless driving experience, superior seaworthiness and unrivalled performance.

Influenced by the Australian lifestyle and beautiful coastlines, admire the space, the light and attention to detail, which combine to create the ultimate sanctuary for enjoyment, relaxation and freedom.

The Yacht Sales Co are the exclusive dealers for Maritimo in Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam,  Philippines and Hong Kong.  For any other regions, please visit the Maritimo website here.


Maritimo Values

Innovation, Integrity, Excellence, Family, Passion, Ever-Improving

To deliver the finest motor yachts today and for years to come is not a short-term exercise. Luckily, we have been doing it for decades.

Achieving great things takes patience, nurture, support and commitment. From this foundation we have a culture of integrity, passion and knowledge sharing from all of our contributors, and ultimately the desire to innovate in all ways and to always improve.

Family Owned

A globally recognised brand, and renowned around the world for building superior motor yachts, Maritimo remains a family owned and operated business.

Tom Barry-Cotter has now assumed the helm from his father Bill, and continues Bill’s passion for motor yachts, having grown up with boat design, boat building and the boating lifestyle.

Proud Heritage

Every respected brand has a reputation built on a history of great success. Our story is one that has been forged over decades, and underpinned by the vision of Australia’s most awarded boat builder, Bill Barry-Cotter AM.

For 60 years Bill’s name has been synonymous with innovation, engineering excellence, and exceptional build integrity. Today, Maritimo continues this legacy with a stable of luxury motor yachts without compromise.

Australian Designed and Crafted

Australia’s highly dynamic and raw coastal conditions create environments that do demand the absolute best from boat designers and builders. Every Maritimo motor yacht is the culmination of decades of learnings: every decision we make, every component we employ, and the people making it all happen, must meet our rigorous standards.

We set the bar high for everything that we do, and we will never submit to the status quo. To create and craft the very best motor yachts requires the epitome of technology, processes, as well as every great idea from people.

Our state of the art, world class and purpose built facility on the Gold Coast in Australia delivers the incubator that synergises all aspects of motor yacht creation; a place where dreams are not only created, but are brought to fruition.

Key Features


Every Maritimo Motor Yacht has outstanding credentials as a highly capable and comfortable long-range cruiser. It’s one thing to deliver long-range capability, it’s another to ensure all on board have been properly pampered and cared for along the journey. Our craft are engineered to deliver a smoother ride, with a showcase of superior amenity, finishes and features, to ensure all on board arrive at their destination feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Ocean Going

Every Maritimo Motor Yacht delivers true blue water performance, along with ultimate confidence and comfort to all on board through unparalleled softer ride and stability. Many thousands of hours have been dedicated to design, development and testing to create perfectly balanced vessels with optimal placement of fuel tanks, power plants and drive systems, to achieve outstanding ocean-going capabilities.

Fuel  Efficient

It is said that life is about the journey, not the destination. At Maritimo we believe they are both to be embraced equally. To truly enjoy the journey, it takes superior hull design and uncompromising construction methodology, resulting in maximised fuel efficiency to yield greater distances of cruising.

All Weather

Every Maritimo Motor Yacht offers truly clever use of liveable space, with multiple zones for living, entertainment and relaxation. These can either be combined to create spacious offerings, or closed for more privacy when required. All spaces offer protected environments and comfort to those on board from all weather conditions, including extreme heat, cold and wet locales.

Engineering Endurance

Maritimo’s long-range philosophy is not just about the places you go, but also the engineering that creates motor yachts with long and highly dependable lifespans. Our renowned endurance stems from engineering integrity and commitment to the refinement of shaft drive and propeller configurations.

Tried and Trusted Systems

At Maritimo we employ tried and trusted systems on board that have been defined by offering maximum reliability, along with simplicity for owners and service agents. Dependability builds trust and delivers increased levels of satisfaction, demands less from the operator, along with straightforward maintenance and serviceability, when required.

Boating Practicality

Form follows function. It is never superfluous, and always has a reason for being. Maritimo embraces this philosophy and creates our motor yachts from a platform of practicality driven design and engineering, with a resulting form that is highly aesthetic, and ultimately incredibly fit for purpose.

Service Practicality

Practicality is the new clever. All systems and components employed within a Maritimo motor yacht are carefully designed and considered with an owner operator focus in mind. Reliability and greater ease of serviceability are paramount. These are essential parts of the success that is the Maritimo formula.

Demanding Commissioning Process

Building world-class motor yachts requires a demanding and highly rewarding QC process. Maritimos are crafted to exacting international standards from materials and finishes, to every construction itself. Yet despite all of that, it is in the very final stages that the owner’s requirements are optimised, and with that, get set to deliver the ultimate enjoyment.  Absolutely nothing is left to chance or unchecked. Each Maritimo undergoes 8-10 hours of sea trialling. Engines first, where the propellers are uniquely tuned to each vessel’s characteristics in terms of davit location, tender size and location, gyro, watermaker, additional fuel storage, as well as engine choice and output. Then it’s electronics, gyro, joystick, and thrusters that all have their own time on the sea. This means the motor yacht is run three to four times before leaving our facility.

Factory Managed Service and Support

Every new Maritimo comes with our superior factory managed and backed Maritimo Warranty. Maritimo’s highly dedicated, factory trained and skilled warranty service network are the team you will speak with, and they will look after you all the way. Any issue ties into our Quality Control process, and also feeds back into production.

Owner Experiences

Maritimo champions a host of curated experiences and events for our motor yacht owners, to truly deliver unique adventures that can be enjoyed and shared. Our Maritimo Musters, Migrations and Maritimo Racing experiences draw owners together, and provide fun and support across the owner community.

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