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Looking for your next motor yacht? Consider investing in one of our quality selection of pre-owned motor yachts. Our collection of used power yachts has been curated to ensure you always have access to some of the most popular yacht models from around the world.

At The Yacht Sales Co. we pride ourselves on securing only the most impressive vessels, whether you’re looking at pre-owned or new motor yachts for sale.

  • Arvor 855 Weekender

    Length: 28.05 ft
    Year: 2018
    Price: AUD $195,000
    Location: Paynesville VIC
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  • Sirena64

    Length: 68 ft
    Year: 2018
    Price: USD $1,950,000
    Location: Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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  • Riviera43 Open Flybridge

    Length: 44 ft
    Year: 2010
    Price: AUD $770,000
    Location: Perth, AU
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  • John Hunter design49

    Length: 49 ft
    Year: 2006
    Price: AUD $580,000
    Location: Victoria, Australia
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  • Dynacraft Dyna 48

    Length: 48 ft
    Year: 2004
    Price: AUD $395,000
    Location: Mooloolaba, AU
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  • Arvor905

    Length: 29 ft
    Year: 2018
    Price: AUD $275,000
    Location: Sydney, AUS
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  • Fadara66

    Length: 66 ft
    Year: 1996
    Price: AUD $799,000
    Location: Brisbane, AU
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  • Axopar28

    Length: 30 ft
    Year: 2018
    Price: NZD $195,000
    Location: Auckland, NZ
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  • Custom Cruiser74

    Length: 74 ft
    Year: 1965
    Price: AUD $675,000
    Location: NSW, Australia
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  • BeneteauAntares 8 OB

    Length: 27 ft
    Year: 2018
    Price: AUD $175,000
    Location: Paradise Point, QLD
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  • Mangusta72

    Length: 72 ft
    Year: 2002
    Price: AUD $995,000
    Location: Martha Cove, Victoria
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  • Explorer Motor Yachts40 Sedan

    Length: 44 ft
    Year: 2013
    Price: USD $249,000
    Location: Phuket, TH
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  • Gulf CraftOryx 36

    Length: 36 ft
    Year: 2017
    Price: USD $210,000
    Location: Phuket, TH
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  • Pompie40 Motor Cruiser

    Length: 40 ft
    Year: 1989
    Price: AUD $475,000
    Location: Kettering, Tasmania
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  • HYSSF28

    Length: 31 ft
    Year: 2011
    Price: USD $135,000
    Location: Phuket, TH
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  • Norman Wright57

    Length: 55 ft
    Year: 1975
    Price: AUD $595,000
    Location: Hervey Bay
    More info
  • Outer Reef70

    Length: 70 ft
    Year: 2011
    Price: USD $1,800,000
    Location: Phuket, TH
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  • Post46 Convertible

    Length: 46 ft
    Year: 1978
    Price: USD $79,000
    Location: Kawthaung, Myanmar
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