Claud Worth 62ft Gaff Cutter

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  • Boat Price GBP $425,000
    Tax Not Paid
  • Location
    Phuket, Thailand
  • Builder
    Philip & Son, Dartmouth
  • Designer
    Claud Worth

1924 (refitted 2010) Claud Worth 62ft Gaff Cutter | Lucky Lady

In the shimmering morning light, the majestic Claud Worth 62 ft Gaff Cutter emerges from the depths of maritime history, embodying the timeless elegance of a bygone era. Built in 1924, this sailing masterpiece stands tall, her proud masts reaching for the heavens, as if seeking to touch the very fabric of the skies.

Every inch of her sleek hull, crafted from the finest teak, tells a story of craftsmanship and passion, as if each plank was painstakingly carved to honour the art of sailing. With a gentle curve and an unyielding strength, Lucky Lady slices through the azure waters with grace.

Her towering masts, proudly donning a web of intricate rigging, stand like sentinels adorned with billowing sails that capture the whispers of the wind. The crisp canvas, weathered by years of traversing vast oceans, paints a picture of adventure and maritime heritage, while each tug of the ropes carries the echoes of countless seafaring tales.

Step aboard and the air fills with the nostalgic perfume of seasoned wood, mingling with the faint scent of salt and adventure. The deck, polished to a radiant sheen, beckons with its smoothness, inviting guests to explore the secrets she holds within. From the cockpit, one can bask in the glory of the open sea, feeling the gentle sway of the waves as if they were a cradle rocking one into a state of tranquil bliss.

Inside, Lucky Lady unveils a world of intimate charm and comfort. The warm mahogany accents, curved to perfection, provide a cosy embrace, reminiscent of a classic gentleman’s club. Portholes adorned with lace curtains allow sunlight to filter gently, casting a soft glow upon the rich upholstery and the gleam of brass fixtures.

Every detail has been lovingly curated to evoke a sense of timeless elegance. From the polished brass compass to the intricately carved helm, the vessel is a masterpiece of both form and function. It is a sanctuary where the romance of the past collides with the excitement of the present, captivating all who step foot on her hallowed planks.

The Claud Worth 62 ft Gaff Cutter, a true embodiment of nautical grace, transcends time and transports its fortunate passengers to an era where the wind whispered secrets and the sea held boundless possibilities. With every creak of the timbers and every gentle sway, she whispers tales of adventure, inviting those who seek her embrace to become part of her enduring legacy.

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Boat Name
"Lucky Lady"
22.28m / 73.10ft
4.11m / 13.48ft
2.59m / 8.50ft
Light Displacement
38 Tonnes
Fuel Capacity
400 L
Water Capacity
400 L

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