NEEL Trimarans Announce Limited Edition NEEL 51 Laureate

The NEEL 51 by NEEL Trimarans is officially the most awarded cruising trimaran in the history of multihulls! To support this incredible achievement, NEEL Trimarans have announced that they are introducing a Limited Edition of the NEEL 51, aptly named the NEEL 51 Laureate.

After winning the European Boat of the Year award in Düsseldorf last January (jury made up of twenty professional specialized journalists), then in April, the Multihull of the Year prize awarded by  the general public, the NEEL 51 has just been elected Boat of the Year in the USA, following its official American presentation at the Annapolis show last October.

The NEEL 51 is an evolution in multihull design fusing the finest features of its predecessors, the NEEL 45 and the NEEL 65, to deliver unparalleled performance and comfort.  This remarkable blue-water trimaran is ideal for family cruising, with easy handling by minimal crew and excellent bridge deck clearance for optimal comfort and safety.  The NEEL 51’s sleek lines and reversed bows create a sharp and sporty silhouette that will turn heads at every port.

Contact us today to find out more about the Limited Edition NEEL 51 Laureate, and view more information on this model here.


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