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Another Yacht Sold Before Hitting the Market

After a long time dreaming, today marked the beginning of a long time desire to take up sailing and smell the roses. Long-term client and friend Lee, together with his wife Hazel and son Liam had only chartered yachts in the past, but have now taken the plunge into boat ownership with the purchase of Heeling Time, a Dufour 412 sold before official listing.

They plan to take the first four months at a leisurely pace to get used to the boat and has taken a berth on Sydney Harbour intending to make the most of the festive season and all that summer has to offer.

Future plans include trips to Pittwater, Port Stephens then eventually to the Reef and beyond.

Welcome to The Yacht Sales Co Owner’s Club Lee and family,  we wish you fair winds and wonderful experiences.

Welcome to North Point’s New Owners

Robert is a retired Forensic Psychologist who has owned numerous yachts in a charter fleet on Sydney Harbour. These were berthed on the marina at Rushcutters Bay, with occasional use which he used for social racing together with his son and friends.

He retired early this year and decided that he needed a boat for himself and his family as well as a hobby to keep him occupied.

Eventually, he intends coastal cruising with his wife up to Pittwater and Port Stephens and getting into the cruising life away from the business life of the past.

Welcome to you Robert and family, we look forward to seeing you on the water soon.

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