Dufour 530 Review | Sail Magazine

Written by ZUZANA PROCHAZKA for Sail Magazine Dufour Yachts seems to have shifted its strategy with the introduction of the new 530. Previously, the French builder maintained two lines: Performance and Grand Large, with the latter targeted at the cruising crowd. With the Dufour 530, however, Dufour decided to combine… read more

Dufour 530 | Sail Universe | January 2020

New Dufour 530, The Merger of Grand Large and Performance Ranges Dufour Yachts unveiled the new Dufour 530 at Boot Dusseldorf 2020 last week. We can say that this new model is a merger of Dufour’s Grand Large and Performance ranges; the boat is available is three versions with distinctly… read more

Dufour 530 Review | Sail Universe | November 2019

New Dufour 530: One Model, Three Souls Dufour Yachts confirms that the World debut of the new Dufour 530 will be at Boot Dusseldorf 2020 next January. We can say that the new model will be a merger of Dufour’s Grand Large and Performance ranges. A key difference is that… read more

Dufour 530 Review | Pressmare World | January 2020

Dufour Yacht launched the new Dufour 530 – Instinctive Sailing Take the helm of a Dufour 530 and enter a world of sensation. To set sail with Dufour is to connect with the ocean, to embrace your instincts and feel alive in the in the moment. This is a pure… read more

Sailing Today boat test: the Dufour 530

Comfort, speed and a whole host of options, Dufour’s 530 has it all, discovers Sam Jefferson, editor of Sailing Today with Yachts & Yachting. The freedom to make decisions for ourselves is one of the foundations of modern western culture. Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing, but… read more

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